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X-LITE guardrail terminals are available from Webforge

Ezy-Guard Smart101

X-Lite® Guardrail End Terminal Product

The Redirective, Gating, NCHRP 350 TL-3 X-LITE® Guardrail End Terminal features excellent impact performance at an affordable price. Utilizing a superior telescoping, non-extruding design, the X-LITE® Guardrail End Terminal provides the life saving performance of a redirective, gating terminal without the high cost. The X-LITE® Terminal has been engineered to allow maximum interchangeably for flared and tangent roadside applications. This results in significant savings in inventory and maintenance costs. In addition, The X-LITE® Terminal has been designed using many standard, non-proprietary guardrail components. The Terminal is available with I-Beam steel posts using wood or composite blockouts. 

  • Low cost end terminal treatment
  • Available as a tangent or flared System
  • Simple Installation
  • NCHRP 350 Accepted Terminal


  • Utilizes a non-extruding, fixed impact head design
  • Uses similar components for tangent and flared systems
  • W-Beam telescopes during impact
  • 27 s“ or 31” (710 mm or 790 mm) height option
  • Easy to install
  • Designed using many standard non-proprietary
  • W-Beam guardrail components
  • BLON at post 3


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